Harithavanam Farm counsultant & landscape designers lead by Benny James, brings decades of knowledge, expertise and exposure to organic farming activities practiced in many countries. It is an Organic and Biodynamic farming consultant providing a whole-farm, holistic approach to the design, build and management of unique farming systems and sustainable landscape design.

The group is engaged in a wide range of agriculture related activities, providing consultancy & hi-tech horticulture development services. Based out of Kerala, all of Harithavanam's projects — from commercial farms, to unique landscape gardens — are undertaken with the vision of building beautiful, long lasting, environmentally-responsible and profitable spaces.

Harithavanam Farm counsultant & landscape designers help farmers to get introduced with latest technologies like drip and sprinkler irrigation system, water soluble fertilizers, organic farming, Zero waste farming, roof farming and green houses to improve their farming with proper agricultural solutions, also with best fertigation methods and Marketing tie up.

Integrated Farming


Introducing edible landscape

Food landscaping is a novel concept that brings together best practices of farming and landscaping. This integrated approach opens up various possibilities to enhance availability of homegrown produce from a limited farming area.

In what could be a first in the region, Harithavanam grows over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables in its farm, including many exotic varieties from around the globe. The concept also encourages, Grow-Pick-Eat wherever possible, allowing guests to enjoy the taste of authentic and organically grown fruits and vegetables in its natural state.


Farm counsultant & landscape designers
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